Milkshakes of the Summer

Summer has came around in a flash and with the occasional few days of scorching sunshine here in Scotland, there’s nothing better than an ice cold drink to quench your thirst and cool you down. Recently though, instead of opting for a glass of cold Irn Bru, I’ve turned my attention to milkshakes, but with so many supermarkets selling multiple different brands of milkshakes that I’ve tried before, I wanted to try something that made me think ‘wow this is good’. After being contacted by Mr Sherick’s Shakes asking if I’d like to sample a few I agreed, especially with the thought of these being a new go to drink for me this Summer.

Mr Sherick’s Shakes created by Andrew Sherick came to life as well as the retail market in 2013 after Andrew saw a gap in the market for milkshakes that really stood out in terms of ingredients and texture. The shakes he went on to create with his team are “crammed full of the finest, ethically sourced ingredients, beautifully blended with fresh British milk, and made extraordinary with exciting bursts of flavours and texture”.


Following arrival in a cool bag, I excitedly unzipped it to see 2 bottles of the following flavours: Pot Au Choc, Choc Chip Latte and Strawberries and Cream. Just from giving the labels a little read, I could already tell these weren’t just milkshakes, and with Mr Sherick’s phrase “a little big of magic in a milkshake”, I could tell this was pretty accurate with the added extras in these milkshakes. So, what exactly were my thoughts?


After giving it a good old shake my first experience of sampling involved the Pot Au Choc milkshake with Belgian chocolate chips, now this is the magic in the milkshake part. This was a generously rich, chocolate milkshake and with the taste of the Belgian chocolate chips throughout, I couldn’t have loved this anymore than I did. Before I even tried out the other two flavours I had already decided this was my favourite. There’s no other way to describe this flavour than as being chocolate heaven.

Next up was the Choc Chip Latte flavour, and in addition to the amazing Belgian chocolate chips making an appearance again, the combination of chocolate and coffee made this one great milkshake. It not only provided me with my daily dose of chocolate, but my hint of coffee too, which I also require on a daily basis. One thing I should point out is that some people might instantly turn their nose up at the thought of a coffee flavoured milkshake, but the coffee flavour wasn’t overpowering, that and the chocolate came to form a lovely duo and it really did work well together.

Last but not least was the Strawberries and Cream milkshake with strawberry pieces, which again make these milkshakes top of the league in my eyes. This was a lovely creamy milkshake, but the strawberry pieces and strawberry flavour itself was so fresh. After trying these three flavours my favourite most definitely was the Pot Au Choc, followed by Strawberries and Cream, leaving Choc Chip Latte in third place. With the aim of creating milkshakes with high quality ingredients and a texture like no other milkshake, Mr. Sherick has indeed achieved that goal, and if I may so myself, these are now the best milkshakes I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot. Now I just need to try A Hint of Mint and the Cookies and Cream flavour and I’ll be a Mr Sherick’s connoisseur.

These can be purchased from Waitrose costing £1.99 as well as in Selfridges at £2.19, so great prices for extremely tasty and filling shakes. Be sure to check out Mr Sherick’s website, Twitter and Facebook to find out the other possible major retailers near you that these milkshakes may be coming to in the near future. Out of all these flavours, what do you think your favourite would be?


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