A Taste of Opera

Being a real foodie I love finding out about new restaurants and eateries, and when I had the opportunity to collaborate with TWID for this post I was eager to find out more about their restaurant, which has its own little unique twist to it. I’d like to make clear from the outset that this is a sponsored post with content provided on behalf of the restaurant, which I have added my own content to also. Despite not living in London, as soon as I read about the concept of this restaurant I thought wow, now this is different, and adds something distinct to the food industry. Situated on York Road in Battersea, TWID is a live music bar and restaurant, full of its own quirks and the unexpected too, so let’s find out some more about it.

When is a restaurant not just a restaurant? This is an important question that has been raised, and the only answer I can give you is when it’s TWID, which for any of those filled with curiosity stands for That’s What I do. The whole purpose behind this intimate and imaginative eatery came from the fact the individuals responsible for this wonderful creation wanted to create something that currently didn’t exist, and with being lovers of great food, the theatre and opera, thought that would all make the one great combination.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 22.53.46.png

“We love drama, passion and wanted our diners to experience something a bit different” are the very words of the owners of TWID, and this very statement reflects the decor, which gives off the atmosphere of really being at a theatre. Have you seen a restaurant that looks like this before? I certainly haven’t, so it’d be one I’d be sure not to ever forget. It’s easy to forget what you had to eat at a restaurant last week or the week prior to last, but it’d be hard not to forget this place, especially with it offering more than just food. With it being stated that the restaurant gives off the atmosphere of being at the theatre, what does this theatrical atmosphere actually entail? It means intimate cosy booths to enjoy your food, or for the more avant-garde, there are balcony views from upstairs that allow a unique view of everything they do but with the feeling that you are watching a show. However, the most important thing that NEEDS to be emphasised is that at TWID you don’t just experience the feeling that you are watching a show, you actually do get your own show. There’s certainly no restaurants I’ve heard of in the UK never mind in London that have opera singers performing whilst you tuck into some tasty food, and that’s what distinguishes this restaurant from just any other eatery. You will be sure to be in awe at their entertainment, with live entertainment 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday), which begins with live opera classics from 7.30pm until 10pm, followed by a live DJ entertainer from 10pm onwards, which again demonstrates that this restaurant is extremely catering in terms of entertaining, taking into consideration that some people may prefer live opera, whereas others may prefer a live DJ.

A further question is raised as to why the individuals behind this idea decided to incorporate opera into a dining experience. Opera is beautiful, having the ability to make the soul soar with its beauty, but how many of us have the opportunity to experience a soprano or attend an opera, or even go to the theatre? This question then led them to combine life’s two pleasures, which we may be denied of for many reasons. Whilst deciding to combine the two as a backdrop to TWID, this was not for some kind of gimmick to distract diners from the food and drink, if anything it was to enhance their visit and make it more of an experience rather than just going out for some dinner and drinks. I think it’s apparent that this restaurant really has achieved the goals it set out to achieve, and from just skimming the reviews it’s received many describe is as being quirky, a special place, a Battersea legend, as well as a unique experience.

Now that we’ve established the distinct nature of this very restaurant, let’s delve into the wonderful food and drink choices it also has to offer, and hopefully you’ll end up having this on your to-do list like I now have. Their food can only be described as their “pride and joy and without a delicious, innovative menu, the salubrious surrounds would mean nothing.” Their menu features a choice of four meat, four fish and four vegan or raw choices of sharing places, all of which change regularly. An example of some of its offerings include cod, duck, or falafel, therefore there is something for every type of eater. Dessert may quite possibly be my favourite part of eating out, and TWID offer desserts such as salted caramel cake or raw desserts, which are vegan and dairy free such as strawberry cheesecake. These raw vegan organic desserts are made fresh daily in-house by their Master Patissier. All I can conclude with about the food is that I cannot wait until the day I try out this place because the food looks amazing, I’m a firm believer that presentation is key and as you can see from the pictures, the presentation really emphasises high quality food.

If you fancy some drinks, TWID may be able to tempt you with some classic wines, liqueurs, spirits and a variety of classy cocktails. Cocktails are a favourite of mine, and on the drinks menu include a Santiago, Elderflower Spritz, or Peach Bellini, stepping it up a notch from your regular strawberry bellini. With a cocktail fanatic like me I can only suspect that this would be my ideal place.

Overall, TWID are extremely proud of the atmosphere, experience, and the menu they have to offer, and so they should be. This place is like no other, and something I’ve certainly never seen before so this will be one place that will stick in my mind for a long time to come. If you’re down in London then be sure to try out this place situated in the heart of Battersea! You can check out their website here for more information. What do you think of this place?




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