I OFFICIALLY HAVE A DEGREE….I REPEAT, I OFFICIALLY HAVE A DEGREE. So today I’m going about my normal business in my room getting ready to head into town for some last minute London shopping and everything changed. I noticed I had received a text, and I knew it wasn’t from my boyfriend as he was at work so my first thought was UNIVERSITY informing me about my results. I picked up my phone only to be right, it was that unexpected and dreaded text stating, “we would like to inform you that your examination board decision and results are now available to view”. I quickly opened a tab on Safari and got onto my university website, frantically typing away and trying not to make an error whilst typing in my username and password. Once I had signed on I clicked on degree exam results only to read that I am graduating with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS degree in Psychology. I honestly couldn’t believe it, I ran into the hall screaming to my mum in the kitchen that I got a first and she joined me in the hallway where we jumped up and down hysterically crying and shouting.

These four years at university haven’t been easy with personal circumstances out of my control that I’ve had to deal with, but most importantly that my gran had to deal with, with her health, but it was hard to watch, and experience, and see all the time. Despite this, I’ve never let the hard times stop me from achieving my goals,  if anything it has always made me more determined and I’ve proven that today. I had my dissertation to complete and four of my toughest exams to tackle in April and May after my gran passed away in March, and although at times I felt so demotivated and could see it far enough, I kept pushing on and it has paid off. I am so unbelievably happy and feel like the world really is my oyster, now all I need to do is start thinking about my next step in life. Just like my mum said, there will be champagne bottles popping in heaven and my gran will be celebrating on my behalf. I’m actually quite emotionally drained from today, it’s been so overwhelming so I’m celebrating with a Chinese and some good TV, but the celebrations will be sure to continue as I’m off to London tomorrow. Best of luck to any of my lovely readers who are awaiting exam results or degree results, believe in yourself!



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