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We’re all guilty of picking up items and imagining how good they’d look in our bedrooms whether perched on a desk or hanging from a wall , so today’s post is directing you towards some lovely little bedroom decor and accessories that could spruce up your room and ones which I just personally love and want for my own room.

First up are products from a homeware company named Make Ruem where I’ve picked some items from their site that I think would make any bedroom or house look pretty. Be sure to check out their website here.

On the left is the white frosted bud vase costing £16 and my favourite part about it is the white frosted glass. This would look pretty with the likes of a single rose perched inside or a flower of your choice. On the top right is a set of 4 tall wooden t-light holders costing £35. These are in different sizes, which I like as they make a nice little arrangement (they definitely look better as a set) and I also love the wooden look, which makes them stand out from from any typical t-light holder. On the bottom right hand corner is the metallic silver star cushion priced at £25. I really like the cushion whether it has the stars or not, but I definitely feel the metallic stars add something to it and feel this cushion would look lovely perched on a bed alongside a similar themed duvet set.

Some more products from Make Ruem include this gold print on the left with the caption “All because two people fell in love” which is an absolute bargain costing £6.25 but be quick as stocks are low (no wonder at that price). This is a large print so would look great proudly displayed on any lonely wall lacking any colour, words or pictures. On the right is the framed vintage floral stag picture costing £34.99, which I think is such a beautiful and unique product for any room. It’s a really creative piece with the stag literally made up of floral pattern upon pattern. This is something that not a lot of people would own so you’d be one of the few if you purchased this, making your home that little bit more different.

Next up are a few products I’ve selected from Moojoe Gifts, one of my favourite online sites with their quirky and extremely affordable items. I had the pleasure of reviewing one of their theatre style light boxes just recently, and the product itself was amazing as is their customer service so be sure to give their website a little look over, click here. The items I’ve selected are above. Firstly, I went for the set of LOVE bottles costing only £8 as I think they’re really pretty the way each one displays a letter. I also like the fact the bottles are of different sizes, maybe suggesting that love comes in all different forms (I’m just being deep). For these I’d suggest placing these on a shelf or desk either as they are, or popping a couple of flowers in them if you’d prefer that. When I eventually get round to redecorating my room I’ll be sure to purchase these. On the top right is the House of Love tea light holder costing £8.50. There’s clearly a love theme here but that’s what I like about Moojoe Gifts all their items are upbeat in a ‘feel good’ type of way. Just think how cute this tea light holder would be with a tea light lit inside and your bedroom lights switched off, allowing the candle light to illuminate through the little china house. My last product from Moojoe Gifts on the bottom right is the strawberry scented bottle candle costing £4.50. These candles stand out from any other candle due to them being candles in a bottle, it almost looks like half filled milk bottles, so something very different. Although I chose the strawberry scented candle for this post, they offer a range of different scents for these bottled candles such as pomegranate, peach blossom, and orange blossom. Be sure to check out their online site, as these were just a few wonderful products of many that they have.

Papier Beau is an online boutique created in 2016 that sells gorgeous stationery, gifts, and party supplies. Their homeware range certainly caught my eye. Some of their products are from the likes of Bombay Duck and Sass and Belle, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of before. Everyone loves a good old mug, and it’s safe to say we all probably have a favourite mug, one that sits on our desks filled with our daily coffee or tea, so why not have a mug as pretty as these alphabet ones? I personally think these are the prettiest mugs ever and I’m so protective over mine – I obviously opted for the H mug. Can you say a mug looks classy? If so then this one certainly is, my favourite part is the gold monogram detailing and gold handle and then the simple pink polka dots that cover the entire mug, so simple, but so pretty. These mugs cost £13.80 and even come presented in a beautiful round pink box, I was so impressed. Tea drinking has never been the same since this mug has came into my life. Following on with the alphabet theme are these alphabet candles (top right), which cost £9.50. You could either buy one as a single initial for your name to perch on your desk, window ledge or shelf or you could buy multiple candles to spell out a message. Like the alphabet mug, the candle also comes in a pretty white box covered in gold polka dots. Don’t miss out on these two products as they would 100% add a nice little touch to your room. Finally on the bottom right hand corner is a little trinket dish with the caption “always be awesome” across it. This costs £8 and would be the perfect accessory for placing any little trinkets on such as a necklace or other pieces of jewellery. My favourite part about this is the positive quote sprawled across the dish meaning that whenever you go to place an item on the dish or take one off of it, you’ll be reminded of the little message. The other trinket dishes Papier Beau have to offer have quotes such as “choose happy” and “follow your dreams” so you’ll always have that little bit of positivity in your room with these. Overall, Papier Beau are a go to for nice little items like these whether for yourself or for someone else, check out their website here.

Do you long for really pretty cushion covers but hate forking out tonnes of money for them? Then Funky Cushion is the place for you with cushion covers for £5 OR UNDER! Yes I’m definitely telling the truth incase you’re questioning that. If you have plain boring old cushions that need a hint of colour or art then the website has pages upon pages of covers for you to choose from – you’ll be sure to find one that suits your home. I got the chance to review two cushions of my choice and let me tell you, making a decision proved hard as there were so many that would have looked wonderful in my room, I’m sure you’ll have the same problem if you decide to do some cushion cover shopping on their site. I ended up choosing the two cushion covers above. Firstly, the cover on the left has the caption “treat yo self” in the centre, and I thought this was quite true for myself as I’m forever treating myself. I loved the contrast of the colours and the pattern covering the majority of the cushion except for the phrase in the centre. This cover has the ability to brighten up any room. Secondly, on the right is the other cover I chose with the saying “Work hard and DREAM BIG” sprawled across it. I’m the type of person who is into sayings like this, anything to do with dreaming, working hard, anything positive basically then I’ll like it. I really liked the font of the text and the fact there wasn’t just text, the arrows added a nice little touch. I think these covers go well together due to the fact the writing is both in gold. There’s also plenty of prints on multiple websites with similar sayings that would go lovely with a cover like this. After deciding on these cushions I was really looking forward to them arriving and when they did I couldn’t wait to slip a cushion inside of them and let them work their magic. I was really impressed with the quality of these cushions and the covers looked just as I’d hoped they would. My favourite was definitely the Treat Yo Self pillow for the reasons I already mentioned. Like I said there are pages of covers to choose from on their site, all for £5 or under so do not let this company slip through your fingers, you’ll never get covers at this price for such good variety and quality. Just to remind everyone though, cushions are not included – it’s simply the cover.

Finally are Luxo Home Boutique, an online site that sells beautiful accessories for the home, again at great prices, check their website out here. I was kindly sent the beautiful silver beaded hanging heart on the left, which costs £4.99 (a price you can’t complain about). The lovely white ribbon means you can hang it anywhere, with it being suggested on the website that these look lovely hanging from door handles. Mines is currently hanging over my mirror at the moment until I find a more permanent place to hang it once I have the time, however it still does look pretty. I love the fact whatever way you look at it, it glistens when the light catches it, so if you can imagine this hanging somewhere that allows it to potentially move then it would sparkle all day long. As soon as this arrived my mum was trying to steal it from me for her room, and it definitely looks so much better in real life. On the top right is two vases in a wooden heart tray, costing £8.99. The shabby look of the tray is what drawn me to this, with the vases perched neatly inside. These would look perfect with or without flowers adding a nice little vintage touch to the room, although I would prefer putting flowers in them to brighten it up. Finally on the bottom right is a light up LED wooden heart garland costing £8.99. Now I have lights similar to this except that they’re stars and they look so good draped around a mirror, hanging over the headboard of my bed or round my massive New York canvas. There’s nothing I love more than switching off my bedroom light and having it lit up by fairy lights or LED signs etc so this wooden LED heart garland would add an amazing touch to any room, making it even more cosier, especially on cold, wet nights. You can’t go wrong with some lights.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and liked the items I decided to feature, if you had to pick one item from the ones discussed for your room, which one would you pick?


98 thoughts on “Bedroom Decor

  1. milenkamillie ✨❄️ says:

    You’ve picked such lovely items! I think my favourite have to be the ones from Papier Beau – I just loveeee the alphabet mugs and can’t believe the candles are so affordable! It’s so nice to find out about different stores so thank you for sharing them with us! xxx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. lindaluke says:

    I recently moved to another state and am starting to look at bedroom decor. Even though I am single, I love the heart items you shared. To me, love is a verb and describes how I want to be. Thank you for sharing these wonderful items.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ruth I. says:

    I remember planning for my room when it is under construction. One year later it’s just a room with bed, cabinet and side table. Lol! I wish I know how to decorate my room! Your ideas are awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

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