Christmas Time: Markets & Mulled Wine

I probably speak for the majority of people on here, but one of my favourite things about Christmas time is all the Christmas markets that pop up around the city. They’re always overly busy with people getting in the festive spirit, whether it’s with friends or family, or that special person in your life, there’s nothing better than having a stroll around all the little wooden pop-up shops, you never know what you may find. The best time I’d advise for going to these markets is in the evening when it’s dark, and you can soak in the atmosphere with all the Christmas lights sparkling and all those Wintery vibes floating around. You can even treat yourself to a Hot Chocolate, or if you’re feeling a little more extravagant, not driving, and enjoy alcohol these markets offer the likes of Bailey’s Hot Chocolate, stepping it up a notch from your regular hot chocolate.

Now I’ve went a few times over the past few weeks and despite the constant business and having to become a human chain with the person you’re with to fight through the crowds, these markets just add to my excitement in the build up to Christmas. As you walk through your met with so many different smells, from hot nuts, to burgers, churros and crepes, you don’t know where to go to first so you spend countless trips walking up and down each section hoping for someone to make the decision for you, well if you’re indecisive like me anyway. You can pick up some lovely little items here such as cute handcrafted decorations for your Christmas tree, or unusual notebooks, or if you’ve got a sweet tooth you can go straight to the oversized pick n mix to fill up a bag full of sweets – it’llprobably cost you your full purse though.

On the few trips I’ve made to the markets I’ve had churros, typical, but my favourite purchase were the Chocolate Kisses which you can see above on the right, they had every kind and were priced at £1 each. I went for the After Eight and White Chocolate kisses and they were delicious, when you bit into the dainty outside layer of chocolate, you were met with some kind of creamy substance in the middle, they were so rich and delicious. There’s also an indoor bar where you can get hot mulled wine or beer, that’s something I’ve yet to go into and experience as each time I pass there’s not a seat in sight, with people even standing it’s packed to the brim. Maybe sometime before Christmas I’ll find a spot and finally get to try mulled wine and pretend I’m a wine connoisseur. Have you been to any Christmas markets lately? If so, what’s your favourite thing about them, and what was your favourite purchase, if any?



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