Guess who reached 100 followers? This girl did. I’m currently posting this from the library, with very little life left in me having just finished my second last assignment of the semester, however this brought a little smile to my face.


When I made this blog just over a month and a half ago, I never expected anyone to take interest in what I posted or even follow me. Just like other times when I’ve attempted blogging, I’d usually lose interest by now but I’m really enjoying it and want to continue with this. Thanks to everyone who has followed me, and if you’re a new follower…hello. This blog has helped me find a little destressor from the pressures of university, whether I’m on the bus or in bed I can post whatever I want to, rather than being restricted to course essays and reports like I am at university. I hope everyone has a good weekend, and I’ll be sure to fill you in on my whereabouts next week!


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