Just a lil breakfast date.

Since I’m going away for my birthday, my friends and I decided to do a little something for it before I left. It’s a tradition, we get the group together for a little dinner or late lunch every time it’s someone’s birthday. It’s basically just an excuse to get all of us together in the same place, since we’re on different courses, or even the few of us that are on the same course, it still proves difficult to get that proper catchup that is required. With us all living in different places in the city, some further than others, and having various different commitments, it’s hard to find a day to suit everyone, but today went ahead despite the odd couple missing.

In order to mix things up a bit, rather than the usual late lunch/dinner, we decided to go for breakfast after seeing a decent deal online for a place called Smoak. It did call for a very early start for us all, but it certainly set us up for the day…they do say breakfast is the most important meal. I opted for the full breakfast, because why not, it had everything I could have ever wanted and cost half the usual price of £9.95. To go alongside this I got my usual mocha, whilst the others opted for the veggie full breakfast or a hot chocolate. Besides getting Alison’s black pudding, my favourite part was probably the sour dough toast, which tasted amazing. It’s safe to say our eyes were all bigger than our bellies, and we struggled to make the walk to our 10 o’clock lecture.

My friends completely spoiled me with a new handbag, and a pair of Chelsea boots, essentials for my upcoming weekend in Paris. As well as that I got a box of the most gorgeous cakes from Patisserie Valerie, it’s fair to say I felt very appreciated, the girls certainly know the way to my heart. It was so good to just sit and chat over breakfast with a nice warm drink in hand on a morning as cold as today, rather than the quick 5 minute conversations before lectures begin or the whispered chats in the silent study area of the library. Breakfast dates with the girls are so underrated, and I’ve decided they need to happen way more often.


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