Sugar Dumplin

There’s nothing better than a place that does both good food AND good cocktails, and even better when they have deals to save you some pennies. Sugar Dumplin is a Caribbean BBQ and Bar in the heart of the city, that from the outside looks small, but when you walk inside and turn the corner you’re met with literal shacks giving off those Caribbean vibes. From the music, to the decor, everything fits this place perfectly, making you eager to get your hands on one of their amazing cocktails and forget that you’re in the middle of the bustling city centre.

Now I’ve only been here a few times as it’s a place I’ve discovered recently, but each time I visit I can’t wait to sit back with my Pornstar Martini and chat over the likes of Bob Marley playing in the background. Sunday-Thursday is the best time to go as a number of cocktails are priced at only £3.95, a big saving if you’re having one too many. Not only that, but there is a deal at £10, consisting of a burger, side and cocktail, any of you poor students like me will understand the value of this. I highly recommend the Fried Chicken Burger with house fries.

This place offers Caribbean cuisine, which has Indian, Spanish, Chinese influences, and so on, so there’s something for everyone. You have the likes of Chow Mein, to burgers, to sides of mac and cheese, and starters of jerk ribs, there’s a wide variety of choice. One thing I tried here for the first time was fried plantain chips topped with house spice and coconut, and boy were they good. Plantains are apparently a member of the banana family, and considering my hatred for bananas Sugar Dumplin done good in converting me. You also can’t go here and not get dessert, it’s technically classed as a crime. Triple layered sailor Jerry Rum cake with vanilla ice-cream. That is all. It’s basically a chocolate sponge cake, soaked in rum, covered in chocolate sauce, and made with love – the Carribean’s version of hot chocolate fudge cake, and the alcoholic version. It’s genuinely the best thing ever. Anyway, this is one of many “foodie” posts to follow since my life revolves around eating and wondering when the next time I’ll eat will be, and where so that I can extensively study the menu. There are a few Sugar Dumplin’s in the UK, so if you have one near you give it a visit.


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